Service Policy

Response time is within 12 to 24 hours to complete repairs, and only pay the maintenance fee after the warranty expires.

(There are any problems, the first telephone communication and consultation, negotiation company can not send the relevant technical personnel to the scene to solve) the problem is not the product, customer and technical personnel to be assigned to the site, the customer must provide all charges.

Technology in the classroom

Light string features

1, LED waterproof light string is simple and simple, arbitrary, give full play to the advantages of point light source, any combination, reflecting arbitrariness, so that LED exposed letters, large-scale outdoor LED advertising sign making easier!

2, special bayonet design, direct installation after drilling, installation time is rapid, to ensure a reliable connection and completely get rid of manual welding, to avoid LED damage by latent, greatly shorten the production cycle, reduce installation and maintenance costs, reduce the bad losses, Completely solve the difficult situation of LED engineering maintenance!

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    Intelligent life mainly consists of several product applications for: home entertainment, home care, security monitoring and smart appliances, and these different terminal devices such as sensing devi...

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