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A professional manufacturer of neon lights introduces its light source

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A professional manufacturer of neon lights introduces its light source(图1)

  Generally speaking, the light-emitting angles of ¢3 and ¢5 piranhas are about 90 degrees and 120 degrees. At this distance, the piranha light-emitting module applied to the blister characters can completely radiate light. Not only the number of modules is saved, but the utilization of light intensity is also just right after being tested by the screen brightness meter. For blister luminous characters and engraved luminous characters with a short wall and a font shape, flat-head piranha modules and small straw hat luminous modules with a luminous angle of about 160 degrees should be used. A larger light radiation area can reduce the amount of modules, and a shorter character wall improves the luminous brightness of the font. The organic combination of the two follows the law of conservation of energy, and also reflects the importance of correct selection of LEDs.

  It is worth noting that, in the process of using the LED light-emitting module, the LED luminous characters must pay attention to the problem of voltage drop. Don't just make one loop, connecting in series from the beginning to the end. Doing so will not only cause inconsistent brightness between the end and the end due to the different voltages, but also cause the problem of burning the circuit board due to excessive single-channel current. The correct approach is to connect as many loops in parallel as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current. In addition, if you need to use anti-corrosion materials inside the cavity, it is best to use a white primer to increase its reflection coefficient.

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