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Analysis of the origin of neon lights!Neon Flex Production

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  Analysis of the origin of neon lights

  The development of neon lights can be traced back to the British physicist and chemist Faraday’s research on gas discharge. When the current passes through a gas containing a small amount of positive and negative ions, it is affected by ultraviolet rays, cosmic rays, and trace radioactive substances. Under the effect of a sufficiently high applied voltage After moving and colliding with neutral gas molecules, the neutral molecules are ionized, so the number of ions doubles.

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  When the current passes through the gas, there is also a phenomenon of luminescence, which is the so-called glow discharge. The luminous color varies with the inflated body. Faraday's theory and its experimental effects have laid a solid foundation for the development of neon light skills.

  Neon lights originated in France. The lamp body glass tube used at that time had a diameter of 45 mm. The glass neon tube was first bent into the required text or image, and then a transformer with a voltage of more than 10,000 volts was used to supply power to make it glow. At that time, the electrodes at both ends of the lamp tube were made of graphite and filled with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas. The former would glow red and the latter would glow white.

  Because these two gases are more vivid, they simply react chemically with the graphite electrode. The graphite spattered from the cathode quickly forms a black film on the inner wall of the glass tube, and absorbs a lot of the gas filled into the tube to inflate the tube. The pressure drops quickly, causing the neon lights to have a short lifespan.

  At that time, in order to deal with this problem, a special electromagnetic valve was added to the neon tube, and a certain amount of gas was refilled after the neon lamp was used for a period of time, but this did not fundamentally defeat the above shortcomings. . Therefore, this kind of lamp not only has a short lifespan, a messy manufacturing process, and is expensive to make, it is difficult to be widely used.

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