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Analysis of the production process of neon metal signs.Led Neon Light retail

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 Analysis of the production process of neon metal signs.Led Neon Light retail(图1)

  Common metal signs include flat-screen signs, silk-screen signs, corrosion signs, electroplating, electroforming signs, thermal transfer signs and sandblasting signs.

  (1) Flat-screening signs: The use of light-sensitive signs will melt different color films, so that the display method is presented on the metal plate, so as to achieve a purposeful explanatory meaning.

  (2) Screen printing signs: use resin ink to print on the surface of the silk screen after pretreatment, and then keep the gloss, such as lamination process can be made into a variety of beautiful color screen printing signs.

  (3) Corrosion signs: Corrosion signs are also etching signs. Mainly check embossed signs or indented signs made by three-step processing of masking and etching post-processing.

  (3) Electroplating and electroforming signs: also known as piled gold signs, which use screen printing or photosensitive systems

  (4) Thermal transfer sign: It is a metal plate that uses a special team's surface treatment to generate, and then you design the color image to open the paper in the way of inkjet printing, pass the heated metal plate, and reverse the signs.

  (6) Sandblasting signs: Use computer lettering to paste the engraved instant stickers on the metal plate, sandblast the text and graphics to form a sand surface effect, and then perform oxidation treatment to make the metal plate Presents a placer gold effect.

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