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Application of LED lamp beads in decoration and scene lighting.address rgb led tube retail

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  Application of LED lamp beads in decoration and scene lighting.address rgb led tube retail(图1)

  LED lamp beads are a good choice for enjoying the brilliance of the summer night. At the same time, in terms of decorative lighting, LED lamp beads show unparalleled advantages. LED lamp bead is a kind of low voltage device with sturdy structure.

  The working voltage of neon lights is as high as tens of thousands of volts, which is prone to serious phenomena such as short circuit and disconnection. Therefore, LED lamp beads can replace neon lights to make billboards, which can reduce power consumption and prevent partial damage to neon lights. And cause the negative impact of advertising. LED lamp beads have a life of up to 100,000 hours. A light source usually has a service life of thousands or tens of thousands of hours. Significantly reduce equipment maintenance costs. The LED lamp has strong directivity, small size, high output of the finished lamp, and easy to hide during installation.

  For example, LED lamp beads used for scene lighting. A quadrangular pavilion illuminates the top of this antique building with LED lamp beads, and the lamps are embedded in the groove of the roof, making the generalization of the building very clear. The LED lamp bead is very small and has good concealment. It is not easy to be noticed during the day and will not damage the overall style of the building like traditional lamps.

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