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Application of LED linear lights

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  With the rapid development of my country's economy and the continuous acceleration of the process of urban modernization, especially when mankind enters the 21st century, the lighting of urban night scenes in my country has gradually received high attention from people. This is because the city’s night light environment and landscape image have become an inseparable part of the city’s style. The bright city night view can not only create a good environment for people’s night activities, enrich people’s nightlife, but also contribute to the prosperity of the economy, the development of tourism, and the establishment of a It is of great significance to express the image of a city at night and to create a noble cultural atmosphere.

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  Many lighting designers choose to use linear lights at the entrance of their homes. The linear light is used well, the originally bright entrance, plus the decoration of the linear light, is so advanced that there is nothing to say. The warm lighting combined with the warmth of the wood, the warm feeling of the entrance comes out. Simple lines can create a variety of rich light and shadow effects, the ultimate fashion.

  The rich layered lighting and ground textures are used in the home aisles and immediately have the feeling of display.

  But it is not as long as the linear lights are bought. Now the market is mixed. Only by learning how to determine the quality of LED linear lights and avoid falling into the pit of defective LED linear lights can you ensure a good lighting effect.

  The aluminum material of the LED linear lamp, ultra-thin aluminum, is variable. When choosing aluminum for driving lights, traditional manufacturers will first consider good heat dissipation performance. Do you think aluminum is thicker? of course not. If aluminum is not easy to deform and dissipate heat, an appropriate thickness must be selected. You cannot say that the thicker the aluminum, the better. If the aluminum of the driving lights is thinner, will the heat dissipation be better? no! The thinner the aluminum material, the worse the heat dissipation. It is easy to squeeze and deform during installation, so there is no need to dig corners! The other is cost-effectiveness. If cost-effectiveness is to be increased, the manufacturer’s materials must be well controlled.

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Application of LED linear lights

What is the effect of using LED lines?

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