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Bad street lamp manufacturers cut corners and materials are raging wildly

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  In today's market environment, competition in all walks of life is also increasing, and the same is true for our street lighting industry. However, in order to seek greater benefits in this competitive environment, many unscrupulous street lamp manufacturers use price wars to reduce street lamp prices, and they are not hesitating to cut corners. This is really shocking, and this phenomenon is growing wildly. The following editor will take you to briefly understand several common methods of cutting corners used by bad street lamp manufacturers.

Bad street lamp manufacturers cut corners and materials are raging wildly(图1)

  1. Some street lamp manufacturers produce solar street lamps. In order to save costs and reduce the price of solar street lamps, they use solar panels to replace some polysilicon panels with stickers. There is no difference in appearance, but when used, there will be insufficient power. The situation leads to problems such as dimming of lights and shorter lighting time, but it is difficult for customers to find out.

  2. The cost of hot-dip galvanizing the street lamp pole as a whole is very high. This process can guarantee that the street lamp will not rust for 15 years. However, some poor street lamp manufacturers use cold galvanized poles, and some use ordinary iron poles with hand-painted. The quality of the street lamp poles produced by this method is extremely poor. Such street lamp poles will rust and corrode in a few years. It may even break and cause accidents.

  3. Some LED street lights are produced using counterfeit batteries, low-quality lamp beads and reducing the wall thickness of the street light poles. Such LED street lights are indeed very cheap, but they not only have poor lighting effects, but also have an extremely long service life. The short, it is really a type of insignificant use. Moreover, it is difficult for non-industry people to find these methods of cutting corners.

  In short, this phenomenon has always existed and continued to increase. For purchasers, purchasers should pay more attention to the quality of their products, and strictly believe in the idea of getting what you pay for. They must not be greedy for cheap, and must be better than others. For street lamp manufacturers, they must pay attention to the quality and reputation of their products. The praise of good quality is the effective driving force of a street lamp manufacturer.

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