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Best seller Led Flex Neon light Aidisen lighting company

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  Best seller Led Flex Neon light Aidisen lighting company


  ● Good flexibility, can withstand extrusion, using environmentally friendly PVC or silica gel material, can bend into a variety of text or graphics.

  ● high brightness, good transmittance, uniform astigmatism surface 160 degrees, excellent color effect.

  ● not easy atomization, low power consumption, pure color, no dark area.

  ● using high quality chips, the light source has high brightness, large angle, good color consistency and stable performance.

  ● installation is fixed, convenient, flexible and convenient.

  ●energy saving, high brightness, low fever, low energy consumption, beauty and so on.

  ● use DC24V/DC12V power supply, use safer.

  ● waterproof grade, integral extrusion molding (IP68).


  Product Details:

  · LED strip mimics traditional neon without hazardous gasses and fragile tubes

  · 5m of ultra-bright 5050 LEDs; 36 LEDs/ft

  · Dot-free, shadowless illumination

  · 24 VDC input

  · Maximum run of 10m at 24V

  · Lifetime exceeds 50000 hours

  · CE certified and UL listed

  · Two-year warranty



  1) Home Furnishing light and colorful life, DIY home light corridors, stairs, trails, Windows.

  2) Hotel decoration, theatre, club, shopping mall, festivals and performances.

  3) Building decoration lighting, arch, crown and bridge edge lighting, safety lighting and emergency.

  4) Widely used in sign letter backlighting, concealed lighting and advertising sign lighting.

  5) Applicable to car and aircraft model decoration, contour lighting or border.

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