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Brief description of street light controller

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  At present, the brands of domestic street lamp controllers are: time controller, latitude and longitude street lamp controller, lamp networked street lamp controller, street lamp remote controller, lamp networked street lamp centralized power saver, smart street lamp dedicated power saver; street lamp dedicated energy-saving control cabinet; A series of street lamp controllers such as street lamp astronomical controller/astronomical clock/celestial clock, intelligent street lamp energy-saving control cabinet, street lamp power saving control cabinet, street lamp power saver, etc.; and has passed the inspection and certification of the National Quality Inspection Center and meets the national electricity requirements.

T-1000S   5-24V SD Card LED Pixel Controller

  The intelligent street lamp controller adopts the most advanced computer control technology abroad, uses the law of the sun and the earth and the relationship between the latitude and longitude of the earth and the sunrise and sunset, and calculates the sunrise and sunset time according to the law of the seasons of the year and the latitude and longitude algorithm.

  This product has the function of fine-tuning the switching time and midnight control, so as to adapt to the needs of different geographical environments; it is the best time controller for street lights, neon lights, advertising light boxes, monitoring and supplementary lighting and other equipment, which can effectively save resource consumption and reduce waste; It is widely used in all places that need time control, such as streets, railways, stations, waterways, industrial and mining, schools, communities and power supply departments. The street light controller integrates electromagnetic technology, intelligent control technology, and data control technology. It is intelligently adjusted in a controllable and gentle manner to stabilize the output voltage within the set rated value range. The street light controller realizes the public lighting system The ideal combination of working current and brightness requirements can achieve the purpose of saving power and optimizing power supply. The power saving rate of the street light controller can be as high as 20%-40%, and the protection of the power system can extend its life by 3-4 times.

  The street lamp controller mainly adopts imported components and rarely uses active components. Through perfect quality control in the production process, it guarantees extremely high product work safety, thus ensuring safer, more reliable and better performance for users. Products and services.

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