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Choose toughened glass or plexiglass for the bus shelter light (neon light) box.Neon Led retail

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Choose toughened glass or plexiglass for the bus shelter light (neon light) box.Neon Led retail(图1)

  Many bus shelter customers will have this question when purchasing bus shelters: Is the bus shelter light box made of tempered glass or plexiglass? That is whether the window of the shelter light box is made of tempered glass or plexiglass? Is there any difference between the two? The editor of Suqian Seven Star Advertising Products Co., Ltd. will answer the following for you:

  First of all, we need to know the materials of the two. Tempered glass is made of ordinary glass, which is hard and resistant to impact. Plexiglass is actually a kind of plastic, also known as acrylic. Generally speaking, plexiglass is generally used in There are more indoors. Outdoors, it is not as good as tempered glass in terms of high temperature resistance. As time goes on, the surface will turn yellow, and the light transmittance will become worse and worse with the increase of time, while tempered glass will not have such a problem. So does the use of toughened glass for bus shelters cause no other problems? Of course there is, that is, tempered glass is easily damaged by humans. Excluding human factors, the probability of self-explosion of tempered glass is very small.

  In terms of price, the cost of tempered glass is slightly higher than that of plexiglass. However, in a comprehensive comparison, tempered glass is more beautiful and usable. Bus shelters made of tempered glass are more aesthetically pleasing in terms of advertising display, which is conducive to improvement. The competitiveness of shelter advertising companies is also the reason why 80% of shelter products currently use tempered glass.

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