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Classification of neon light guide system.Flexible Neon Flex Rope Tube retail

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Classification of neon light guide system.Flexible Neon Flex Rope Tube retail(图1)

  Classification of guide signs and guidance systems The sign guidance system, also known as the guidance sign system, is essentially an organic combination of direction information and location information. To put it bluntly, it is a road sign and sign with a unified style and clear information. According to the types of information elements, the oriented sign system is divided into the following five categories. Below, we will introduce the zero sign label manufacturer:

  1. Guidance mark (the way of expression of the plate) Guidance mark is a mark that conveys the overall spatial information of a specific area. It conceptually expresses the structure of the space through maps, charts, etc., to help users have a grasp of the overall space and form their own actions Route guide signs are the most informative type of signs, which often require users to watch for a long time;

  2. Induction signs (linear expressions) Induction signs express direction information to major facilities or areas, usually by combining arrows and place names to express "Induction signs are mainly used on the route of action. So the number of configurations is large" Because most of the information of the inducement logo can be obtained without staying and watching. Therefore, the view of the inducement logo

  High recognition requirements and limited performance content;

  3. Name identification category Name identification can also be called destination identification. It indicates roads! Facilities and other names. "Name identification is the most basic identification information and is often used in combination with other types of identification. It is worth noting whether it is the identification that displays the name. It is the name identification. If the installation location of a name identification does not match the content, then this identification is an advertising identification. It is not the identification category in the oriented identification system we are talking about here.

  4. Description Marks Description Marks are the description of any relevant information in the space. "The explanatory mark of the museum! Instructions for use of hospital facilities, etc., fall within this scope;

  5. Prohibited signs. Prohibited signs are regulatory signs of behavior. To be precise, they also include warning! Reminder! Recommended sub-category functions.

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