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Exclusive for amusement equipment-point light - ADS-IC211

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  This product has a very wide range of applicability to the lighting configuration of amusement equipment. It is very mini, and has a starry feeling for the visual impact of people. Easy installation and operation, light weight, clear and bright light color. There are controllers to adjust any lighting effects you want.


Exclusive for amusement equipment-point light - ADS-IC211(图1)Exclusive for amusement equipment-point light - ADS-IC211(图2)

Exclusive for amusement equipment-point light - ADS-IC211(图3)

  LEDs number:3pcs Product Description

  Dimension: 315*193*130

  Lifespan: 50000

  Product Description

  Although this mini point light source has only one lamp bead, its light is also very strong, and the program can be edited to change different colors. We can use ordinary wire and waterproof wire for the connector. The hole diameter is small and it is placed on the aluminum profile, which is easy to install and light in weight. It can save a certain amount of freight cost in the sea transportation fee. For buying this, it is a product worth considering.

  Our country has been vigorously supporting cultural and creative tourism, night tourism economy, large-scale events, etc., through national policies. It's just that in the past two years, due to the epidemic and various comprehensive influences, this market has developed relatively slowly. believe it will be in the near future. Night scene lighting projects will have a very large demand for our point light sources.

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