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Factors that should be considered comprehensively in the design of building night scene lighting

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  When doing architectural lighting design, it should be classified according to multiple factors such as absolute height, building form, building nature, relative height, old and new degree, viewing area, skyline length, etc., and analyze the classification angle suitable for the building.

  1. What is a landmark building: score the different attributes of the building, and after weighting and synthesis, the importance of the building is ranked, and the landmark is obviously higher than other buildings.

  2. Cluster: The area enclosed by the peak of the mountain and the nearest foot of the mountain constitutes six mountain clusters. Based on the comprehensive building scores, the core buildings of each mountain cluster are screened. The low building areas between the clusters are valley clusters.

  3. Find landmark buildings: Landmark buildings are advanced in terms of the volume and structure of the building. They are the protagonist of the entire city architecture. They contribute to the building's skyline and have the highest viewing frequency. Through field research, different buildings are scored and integrated. Assess, sort the on-site buildings and list the landmark buildings.

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  4. The lighting design of landmark buildings should highlight the characteristics of the building itself. The highest brightness should be set according to the shape of the building and the exterior wall materials to strengthen the key points and highlight the soul of the building. On the basis of in-depth study of the surrounding environment, with the help of lighting means, properly highlight the status of the illuminated subject in the environment, and coordinate with the surrounding environment lighting. For the main body, the key lighting should be used to strengthen the lighting of key parts and decorative details. The brightness change should be natural and distinct to ensure the overall effect of night scene lighting.

  5. Mountain cluster: The cluster building is a scene building composed of dozens of buildings, and its image can better represent the new image and appearance of urban development. The cluster building is different from the single building, which can better read the cultural attributes of the city. Regional characteristics. Taking the Yuzhong Peninsula as an example, the buildings are divided into six mountain groups according to viewing conditions and viewing distance.

  6. Any building is a building in the environment. The brightness, light color and graphic relationship of the surrounding buildings should be considered comprehensively when designing the night scene lighting of the group building. The single building cannot be isolated from the surrounding building environment to design the night scene lighting. , The dynamic transition of brightness, color and icons between buildings should not be too jumpy, the colors are light and elegant, the brightness transition is soft, and the icons are gentle.

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