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Flexible neon sign manufacturer introduces the steps of exposed neon LED luminous characters

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Flexible neon sign manufacturer introduces the steps of exposed neon LED luminous characters(图1)

  The leaking luminous characters are metal characters, stainless steel characters, aluminum characters, and titanium characters. The surface is punched with a single LED waterproof light string. The materials commonly used for the production of exposed luminous characters are: acrylic sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, and titanium sheet.

  1. Method steps to expose LED luminous characters

  1. Tools required for making LED outdoor signs: 30W or 40W electric soldering iron, solder, electric drill, glue gun, screwdriver, etc.

  2. Other materials are needed for the production of LED outdoor signboards: shaped and painted metal letters, wires, and special power supply for LED signs (DC5V).

  3. Drilling: Fix the outsourcing shaped iron word to a suitable position, drill with an electric drill (9mm), the spacing is determined according to the height of the outdoor brand installation and the production cost, the general LED center spacing is: 10-30mm , The spacing is small, the brightness is high, and the cost is higher.

  4. Insert the lights: clean up the drilled holes and set the lights one by one.

  5. Connection: Meifang Logo Company has made and connected waterproof LED light strings, each string has a reserved thread, generally the red thread is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black thread is connected to the negative pole of the special LED power supply. The power supply is placed in a waterproof power box.

  6. Test burn-in: After connecting all the LEDs, check and deal with the ones that are not bright, and then carry out burn-in test for 48 hours.

  7. Transport to the site and install scaffolding on site.

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