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Four precautions for installation of 100wLED high bay light.fairground lights manufacturer

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  Four precautions for installation of 100wLED high bay light.fairground lights manufacturer(图1)

  1. First, check the integrity of the 100wLED high bay light and complete accessories.

  2. The wire on the lamp can be passed through the drilled hole and the wire behind the lamp can be fixed with a wire clamp. Make sure that it is firmly fixed.

  3. Make sure that the power cord of the lamp has sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive tension when installing the connection of the lamp, and don't make the connection knotted. The output connection should be distinguished, not to be confused with other lamps.

  4. The distance between the product and flammable materials must be at least 0.2m, and the zenith to be installed must have a gap of 2 cm high. The lamps cannot be installed inside the zenith or near the wall with a heat source. Pay attention to low pressure and high Piezo wires are routed separately.

  Three performance points of 100wLED high bay light

  1. When choosing a 100wLED high bay light, we also need to pay attention to the heat dissipation performance of the lamp. Fortunately, choose a fan of the 100wLED high bay light body. If you are a manufacturer wholesale purchase, it is recommended to buy a sample first and continue to light it for 72 hours Product testing to detect the brightness and stability of 100wLED high bay lights.

  2. We need to choose the brightness of 100wLED high bay light. Generally, we choose 100wLED high bay light above 100 lumens/W (except for special needs).

  3. When choosing a 100wLED industrial and mining lamp, we must pay attention to a problem-the light decay type, we must ensure that the 100wLED industrial and mining light has a small decay type, otherwise the effect of energy saving investment will not be achieved.

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