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How does street tree lighting coexist with street greening

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  The street tree is the first interface of the city street. It is the main viewing object during driving, and then the building behind the street tree. At the beginning of the lighting design, the road section should be summarized and summarized, the relationship between the street trees, the street, and the building should be analyzed, and then the corresponding lighting strategy should be determined according to the characteristics of the section. The street trees are continuously illuminated to strengthen the continuity of the road interface; the background architectural lighting sets off the rear rows of trees to form a sense of space. At the same time, street tree lighting should also consider the visual perception of different car and pedestrian lines of sight, and pay attention to anti-glare. Creating a national garden city, improving the living environment, and enhancing the quality of the city are the hot spots in every region of our country.

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  In the upsurge of "creating an ecologically civilized city", all parts of the country are focusing on greening, brightening and beautifying the city, improving the urban environment, and highlighting the image of the city. In order to better combine urban lighting and beautification with greening, and to display the charm of garden cities more intuitively and three-dimensionally, landscape lights came into being. Landscape lights are an indispensable part of modern landscapes. It not only has a high degree of appreciation, but also emphasizes the coordination and unity of the lights and the surrounding environment of the landscape.

  Landscape lights can make use of different shapes, different light colors and brightness to create scenery, making the garden landscape at night unique. In urban squares, residential areas, public green spaces and other landscape places, landscape lights can be seen everywhere. Recently, some netizens posted that some street trees were tied up by landscape lights, calling on relevant departments to rescue the "tragic fate" of street trees.

  Careful netizens believe that while enjoying the beautiful scenery, they should also consider the feelings of the street trees. The ever-bright landscape lights will disrupt its "biological clock." Some netizens are also worried about whether the criss-crossing wires will cause electric shock to street trees, and whether long-term wind and sun wires will age, thereby burying the hidden danger of fire. So how to ensure that the city is brightened and beautified without harming the greening? In use, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to overwhelm the crowd and make the landscape appear cluttered and flashy. Try to make the light of the landscape light and the garden landscape color similar. Generally, landscape lights have strict requirements in the process of use: one is that the weight cannot be too heavy, and the other is that they cannot be wound too tightly. If the weight is too heavy, it will cause the tree to "fracture" to varying degrees.

  If the winding is too tight, the branches of the tree cannot grow normally. During use, the landscape lights should be maintained at any time to avoid aging. Landscape lights are actually a double-edged sword, and good use is the icing on the cake. It not only beautifies the urban landscape, but also creates a landscape effect different from that in the daytime. If it is not used well, it becomes superfluous, which not only fails to achieve the beautification effect, but also causes "light pollution".

  Therefore, the application of landscape lights should be durable in addition to being reasonable and moderate. How can it last? You can start from three aspects, one is the landscape light itself. Energy-saving and high-quality products should be used, which can save energy and last longer. On the other hand, we should start with the managers themselves and have a complete warranty and quality team. In the last aspect, we should start from ourselves, take care of the public facilities around us, and be civilized citizens.

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