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How to choose LED street lights correctly?

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  With the advancement of science and technology, traditional road lights with high-pressure sodium lamps as street lamp heads have been gradually abandoned, and LED street lights are sweeping in irresistibly. Even if the price of LED street lamps is higher than that of traditional street lamps, it still can't stop the progress of LED street lamps' popularization. When many people buy it, they often don't understand its parameters and analyze its characteristics, so they buy it from LED street lamp manufacturers at will. In fact, there are certain skills to buy LED street lights. Today, LED street light manufacturers teach you how to buy LED street lights correctly.

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  The LED street light is composed of a street light pole, an LED street light head and a basic cage. The basic cage is a rectangular parallelepiped welded by a screw according to the size of the flange of the street lamp base. This has no technical content and does not need to be said. We mainly talk about LED street lamp heads. Its common traditional models have a power between 15W and 60W, with beautiful appearance and reasonable price. The heat emitted by these powers is within the heat dissipation range of the internal radiator, so the quality is guaranteed. However, it is not recommended that you choose traditional LED street lamp heads larger than 60W, because the radiator inside is not enough to dissipate the heat of the light source above 60W. It is recommended that you choose modular LED light sources.

  The price of LED street light varies greatly according to the quality of the product. You can neither choose the price that is too high (because the price of led lamp beads is much lower now, resulting in the overall price of led street light is much lower than before), nor can you choose the price that is too cheap. Because such LED street lamp lamps will use poor quality and very low lumen beads, in addition, the lamp housing is of poor quality and easy to damage, and some LED street lamp heads under 30W do not require a radiator, which are misleading. Yes, although the overall LED price can be reduced a lot, the lack of a radiator will cause the LED light source to have a large light decay in a short period of time, resulting in a short life span, and the street lamp will not light up. In severe cases, the LED street lamp will short-circuit. Therefore, you need to ask the LED street lamp manufacturer for specific configuration parameters before purchasing.

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