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How to choose the performance of wall washer

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  The key effect of the high-power wall washer from led wall washer manufacturers is to create light and shadow effects. It has enough colors to make the effect like a fairyland. LED wall washer wants to be used in outdoor lighting projects, what should be done to continue to ensure and exert good performance, which affects the life of LED products.

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  Pay attention to anti-static measures: The most anti-static measures in the production of LED wall washers require attention and attention. For example, LED linear lamp manufacturers formulate special work regulations, and staff must wear uniform work clothes, anti-static rings, and anti-static gloves And so on, to ensure the humidity of the working environment, you can also install an anti-static ion fan to effectively avoid the harm caused by static electricity to the LED wall washer and improve work efficiency. In addition, higher-grade LED wall washer has relatively higher antistatic performance than ordinary LED wall washer.

  Pay attention to the influence of temperature: the increase of temperature will cause the internal resistance of the LED light source to become smaller, and the regulated power supply will increase its working current. When the rated current is exceeded, it will affect the quality of the LED and even burn out the LED lamp. Therefore, it is best to choose a constant current power supply for power supply during use to prevent LED lamps from being affected by temperature.

  Outdoor lighting projects should also pay attention to waterproofing: whether it is LED wall washer or LED floodlight, as long as it is a lighting fixture used outdoors, it must pay attention to the treatment of the waterproof problem, and carry out the sealing and moisture-proof treatment. , If the waterproof problem is not paid attention to, it will have a serious impact on the use of LED lamps.

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