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How to fix the led light strip not working?AC power supply manufacturer

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 How to fix the led light strip not working?AC power supply manufacturer(图1)

  LED lamps are energy-saving, high-brightness, long-life, and low failure rate. They have become a kind of luminous body that ordinary household users like. In our daily life, more and more families choose to use led light strips, but the lamp has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that this or that problem will not occur. Today, the LED light strip manufacturer Antarctic will discuss the led light strip. How to fix this problem if it is off.

  First of all, we have to understand that the led strip is formed in series and then parallel according to the power supply voltage. Generally speaking, how to repair the led strip if it does not light up? It is necessary to find out the reason why the led strip does not light up, either the led power supply failure or the led There was a problem in itself.

  If only one of the leds does not come or is broken in a string of led light strips, then this string of led light strips will not light up, but other strings of led light strips can be used normally, so in this case, you need to change Just replace the unlit section of led strip.

  Before disassembling the led strip, it is recommended to check the voltage of the power supply and the current passing through the led, and then disassemble and check the relevant key parts to find out the cause of the damage. . The above is how to fix the led strip not bright, I have compiled for you, I hope to help you.

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