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Introduce how to avoid water ingress with neon luminous decorate light retail

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  Introduce how to avoid water ingress with neon luminous  decorate light retail(图1)

  Since the outdoor luminous characters are in the open air for a long time, if there is no more protection and maintenance, they will be eroded by rain for many years. Even the luminous characters with waterproof effect will inevitably have slight water accumulation. There are a few coups to improve the waterproof of outdoor luminous characters for the logo to share with you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  1. If the conditions of the combined canopy and the place permit, you can make a rainwater shelter above the characters, but this method is not used much, because the luminous characters themselves have a waterproof function, but with time With the passage of time, there will be some water accumulation in the luminous characters. For those door heads with eaves, the waterproof effect of the luminous characters is stronger.

  2. To seal the interface with sealant to ensure the long-term use of the luminous characters and prolong the life of the luminous characters, it is necessary to do a waterproofing treatment during installation and provide another insurance for the luminous characters. It is on the bottom plate of the character and the object to be installed. Use sealant along the outline of the character to glue the edge of the luminous character and the object to be installed, so that there is no gap between them. Of course, glass can also be used to seal the seams. Note that the top of the luminous characters must be sealed well, otherwise rainwater will easily enter the inside of the luminous characters, causing damage to the LED light source.

  3. Set the water outlet hole at the bottom of the stroke of each word, which is the place where water is most likely to accumulate. Be sure to use an electric drill to drill 2-3 small holes. Generally, the diameter of the hole is 4.2 mm, which is too small. The stagnant water is not easy to flow out, too much affects the fastness and appearance of the characters.

  4. Overhaul and maintenance After one year of use, overhaul and maintenance are required, so that problems can be found and solved in time.

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