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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of neon lights!Neon Flex Production

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  Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of neon lights

  Neon lights are currently an extremely widely used form of outdoor advertising.

Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of neon lights!Neon Flex Production(图1)


  (1) Rich colors, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other colored lights.

  (2) High brightness, suitable for high-rise buildings.

  (2) Built-in chip control, full of dynamic feeling, can realize a variety of color changes


  (1) Because neon lights are attached to metal characters or metal plates, exposed to them, and the lines are also exposed, the effect is poor during the day, and it is not suitable for low-rise buildings or well-decorated facades.

  (2) Neon lights use high voltage, which consumes a lot of electricity. Based on a square meter of work for 8 hours, the annual electricity consumption is about 2300 degrees. In cities with limited electricity, the approval and use process for the use of neon lights are very high. limits.

  (3) On low-rise buildings, the brightness is high, dazzling, and light pollution is serious.

  (4) Neon lights do not have any protective capabilities and are easily broken, incomplete and leaky.

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