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LED linear light manufacturers to explain the parameters of LED linear lights

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  Ultra-thin aluminum is easy to change. Regarding the selection of aluminum for LED linear lights, regular LED linear light manufacturers will first consider whether the heat dissipation performance is good or not. Do you think that the thicker the aluminum, the better? Actually otherwise, the thicker the foundation you put on the makeup, the better it looks? Definitely not. If the aluminum material is not easy to deform and has good heat dissipation, you must choose a moderate thickness. It cannot be said that the thicker the aluminum material is, the better, and if the aluminum material of the LED linear lamp is thinner, is it right? The better the heat dissipation? NO! The thinner the aluminum, the worse the heat dissipation, and it is easy to squeeze and deform during installation, so cutting corners is not necessary! The other is a cost-effective issue. If you want to be cost-effective, LED linear lamp manufacturers must control the materials they use quite well.

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  Will the aluminum substrate be better than the fiberglass board? It is true that the high-quality LED linear lights mostly use aluminum substrates as the circuit board of the light source. Has the fiberglass board been labeled with poor quality all the time? This is not true. I used to think that fiberglass board products are not high-quality products. Later, after a technician's explanation, I also understand that fiberglass boards are also good or bad, and can even be better than aluminum substrates. As long as they perform stably, Whether it is aluminum substrate or glass fiber board, they are all good circuit boards.

  Electrical Specifications:

  Fixed working voltage: AC90-260V/12VDC;

  Rated working current (large): 1.8A (PC-12V) 3.6A (PC-12V) 5.4A (PC-12V);

  Power consumption: 21.6W (PC-12V) 43.2W (PC-12V) 64.8W (PC-12V);

  LED linear light manufacturers briefly describe what needs to be achieved by the function of LED point light sources

  The use of LED light sources in road lighting has become a hot spot in the semiconductor lighting industry in recent years. At that time, more than a hundred companies at home and abroad have invested in the development of semiconductor street lights, but none of them have been put into mass production. The reason is that the technology needs to be broken. , The absence of product standards is one of the main factors restricting the large-scale use of LED street lights. He hopes to promote the research and application of LED public lighting standards through the efforts of the government and industry.

  Light function requirements: Some LED linear lamp manufacturers improve the luminous flux of LED lamps with low color rendering, which makes the color performance level lower, even lower than that of energy-saving lamps. This is unreasonable. Therefore, Ladomei LED linear lamp manufacturers recommend Standardize light color and color rendering. For example, LED bulbs in homes and commercial spaces should be defined as Ra>80, and other ranges of various colors should be defined to define the white light and neutrality of LED lights. The range of light, etc.

  Life expectancy: One of the characteristics of LED lights is the long life span. However, some LED linear lamp manufacturers are limited to price competition and do not use materials that meet the standards. Perhaps they are not professional enough. The heat dissipation planning and driving circuit planning are not in place. Do this The lifespan of the LED linear lamp does not reach the standard. This hidden defect will harm the rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, there should be a reasonable constraint on the service life of the LED lamp, such as L70>25000 hours.

  Safety: The safety of LED point light sources should be considered in the first place. At present, the aluminum metal shell is commonly used for LED point light sources. This is the part that the user can easily touch, but the metal is simple to conduct electricity, and the aluminum shell is used. The LED linear lamp has a potential safety hazard of electric shock. Therefore, there is a certain demand for the insulation of the LED lamp's heat sink, such as the use of ceramic, plastic and other insulating materials to ensure full assurance.

  LED linear lights illuminate 5m in the direction, suitable for billboards with a height of 5M; 70WLED linear lights illuminate an area of 10 square meters, illuminate 7m in an azimuth, and suitable for use in billboards with a height of 7M; 100W LED linear lights illuminate an area of 10 square meters, illuminating an azimuth of 10m, suitable Use of billboards with a height of 10M. Of course, in many situations, in order to make the LED linear lamp illuminate the light more uniformly, adjust the illuminating distance and adopt the method of lighting up and down to deal with the difficulty of the device and the problem of light distribution.

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LED linear lights can be adapted to many occasions

Point light source can realize the luminescence and discoloration of various colors in the visible l

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