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Led light strip classifications

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  Led light strip classifications

  According to the voltage, it can be divided into:

  1. Low-voltage DC led strip, which is powered by a DC constant voltage power supply.

  a, Conventional DC5V/12V/24V light strip.

  The DC5V led strip is powered by a DC5V power supply. Mainly used by the USB interface power supply, often used as led TV backlighting.


Led light strip classifications(图1)

  DC12V/24V led light strip is using DC12V or DC24V power supply. Widely used in various indoor and outdoor led linear lamps, led linear lighting, auxiliary lighting, and decorative lighting scenes.


Led light strip classifications(图2)

  b, Special voltage DC36V/48V led light strip

  The power supply is limited to 36V or 48V for some special applications


Led light strip classifications(图3)

  c, Wide voltage input DC10-30V light strip

  This type of led strip is mainly used in scenes where the DC power supply voltage output is unstable.


Led light strip classifications(图4)

  For example, in small ships, because of the use of diesel silicon rectifier generators, it will cause the output voltage to fluctuate between DC10-30V. In this case, the DC10-30V wide-voltage lamp strip can be directly used.

  2. High voltage AC110V~240V light strip

  It uses a high voltage AC power supply. This kind of light strip is mainly used for outdoor lighting decoration, or used for temporary engineering lighting scenes. So it can be used as a flexible work light.


Led light strip classifications(图5)

  Because it is dangerous to use the high-voltage AC power supply, so it is used in places that are not accessible by human hands. Such as ceilings lighting, trees decorative lighting, etc.

  According to the application scenes it can be divided into:

  1. Auxiliary lighting strips, using conventional monochromatic lamps. Such as wardrobe cabinet lighting, bedroom background lighting, showcase shelf lighting and so on.


Led light strip classifications(图6)

  2. Decorative lighting strips, using conventional RGB led strips or RGB IC strips. Such as bar ceiling, KTV wall decoration, wine cabinet decoration, Building lighting, bridge lighting, etc.


Led light strip classifications(图7)

  3. Linear main lighting led strips, made of linear main lighting fixtures by using conventional monochromatic led strips, combined with aluminum profiles or silicone neon sleeves.


Led light strip classifications(图8)

  4. Plant growth lighting led strips, using strips made of Special wavelength LED, provide special light to promote plant growth.

  5. Sterilization lamp belt for the medical germicidal lamp, using deep ultraviolet LED.

  According to the light color can be divided into:

  1. Monochrome led strips, such as white color, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, amber, pink, etc.

  Because of the white and warm white is not accurate to describe the color of light, so it is usually replaced by color temperature in the light strip, such as 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K.

  2. RGB led light strip, by synthesizing R, G, B three primary color chips into one LED, so it can separately emit three kinds of the light color red, green, blue.


Led light strip classifications(图9)

  The color light can also be illuminated by three chips together and combined into white color light. If you add an RGB led strip controller, you can achieve a changeable light in sequence and flickers. such as red, green, blue, and white.

  3.RGA light strip, similar to the RGB light strip, the only difference is that the RGB LED’s Blue Chip is replaced by the Amber chip in the RGA lamp bead.

  4. Double-color light strip, by using any two colors of LED to combine the production of led light strips, the most common is white color + warm white, as well as white color + blue color, white color + red color.


Led light strip classifications(图10)

  5.RGBW/RGBCCT/CCT led light strip

  CCT here means Control Color Temperature, which means that the color temperature of the led strip lights can be adjusted to change between warm white color and white color.

  a, The CCT led strip is made from LED in both white and warm white colors. White light color temperature is 2700K, the warm white temperature is 6500K, commonly used lamp beads are 2835 single cup LED or 5050 single cups LED.


Led light strip classifications(图11)

  The led strip light can have a color temperature adjustment range of 2700K~6500K during use, which makes the color temperature selection in the lighting application scene more flexible.

  b, The RGBW led strip light is made of RGBW four-in-one LED. The RGBW led strip can not only achieve the color change effect of the RGB led strip, but also can bring another monochromatic light to meet the more demanding monochromatic lighting requirements.


Led light strip classifications(图12)

  c, The RGBCCT led strip light is an upgraded version of the RGBW led strip.

  The RGBCCT led strip light is made of a five-in-one LED. It does not have a fixed color temperature like white color light in RGBW led strip but has two color temperature led chips: a warm white color light, usually 2700K, and a white color light, the color temperature is usually 6500K.


Led light strip classifications(图13)

  It covers all the functions of both RGB and CCT led strips, giving a more flexible and friendly lighting experience.

  6. The special color wavelength, Such as 390nm, 420nm, 470nm, etc, mainly used for special lighting applications.

  According to whether the LED has an IC chip can be divided into:

  1. Conventional IC led strip, in addition to the LED and the resistor, the FPC board of this type has a constant current IC chip on it, to control the current of each group of LED to be consistent.

  Reduce the impact of plate pressure drop on led strip illumination, Keep the brightness of the head and tail of the led strip consistent.


Led light strip classifications(图14)

  This constant current IC chip can also be integrated inside the LED, which can produce another IC led strip, that is, no resistance and no IC chip.


Led light strip classifications(图15)

  That is, from the appearance, the led strip on the FPC board has only LED, there is no other electronic component. This solution can make the brightness of the led strip more consistent, the appearance is simpler, the LED arrangement is more flexible, and it can be used as a solution for the high-density led strip.

  2. Addressable IC led strip, the IC chip on the strip is not an ordinary constant current IC, but an IC chip can be regarded as a pixel.

  This IC chip has its own address and can be controlled by receiving controller signals. The signal sent to it can control the level output for different positions of the LED, such as flashing, chasing, jumping, clockwise horse racing, counterclockwise horse racing, monochrome horse racing, color-changing horse, single chasing from head to Tail, flowing water, simulated lightning and the like.


Led light strip classifications(图16)

  The effect of the change of the light strip can be written according to the needs of the customer and can be displayed in the form of a screen, text, letters, pictures, animations, and the like. Common IC chips on the market mainly include WS2811, WS2812, SK6812, P943, Ap102, DMX512 and so on.

  The LEDs used in the addressable led strip can be monochromatic LED, RGB LED, or RGBW LEDs.

  According to the board material, it can be divided into the flexible led light strip and rigid led light strip

  1. Flexible led light strip, it is made of the flexible FPC circuit board, can be bent, folded, wound, Overall flexibility and light, backed with 3M self-adhesive tape, easy to install.


Led light strip classifications(图17)

  2. Rigid led strip light, made of the aluminum substrate or fiberglass board, it can’t be bent, mainly used for straight linear illumination scenes.


Led light strip classifications(图18)

  According to the arrangement characteristics of the LED, it can be divided into a top view light strip, side view light strip, one side view one top view strip, multi-row led strip, high-density led strip, short unit cut led strip, S-type led strip.

  1. Top view led light strip, the most common light strip is this kind strip, the beam angle is 120 degrees, the flexible PCB board is attached with SMD LED on the front, and the back is 3M self-adhesive.


Led light strip classifications(图19)

  2. Side illuminating strips, mainly made of 3014 side illuminating LED, for special installation requirements.


Led light strip classifications(图20)

  3. Multi-row led strip light, it’s one FPC board with two or more rows of LEDs for higher brightness. This strip is mainly used in linear main lighting fixtures as a light source.


Led light strip classifications(图21)

  4. High-density led strip, by increasing the density of the LED on the led strip, the brightness can be increased, and the dark area problem caused by the linear strip illumination can also be reduced. This strip of light is primarily used to match specific aluminum channel profiles for no dark area lighting application.


Led light strip classifications(图22)

  5. Short-unit cuttable led strips, usually led strips are 3 LEDs or 6 LEDs for a group of loops, 2.5cm, 5cm, or 10cm for a cutting unit. The Short-unit cuttable led strip can make one LED or two LEDs as a set of loops, and 1cm or 1.25cm is a cutting unit.


Led light strip classifications(图23)

  6. S-type LED Strip, also called Bendable led strip, zigzag led strip. The led strip can be bent on one plane, thereby folding out various shapes, mainly used for billboard light boxes, luminous characters, etc.


Led light strip classifications(图24)

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