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Little knowledge about LED panel lights!wedding decorate light retail

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  Little knowledge about LED panel lights!wedding  decorate light retail(图1)

  As a new type of light source, LED panel light not only has a unique design, but also can form a uniform plane light-emitting effect through a light guide plate with high light transmittance. The light uniformity is not only uniform, but also very soft, reducing eye fatigue. In addition, it also has good radiation protection and is a green environmental protection lamp.

  When testing LED panel lighting, we found that to improve efficiency, we need to do two things: 1. Choosing high-brightness efficiency LEDs can not only increase efficiency but also reduce costs, and more importantly, improve the quality of LED flat lights. Second, you need to make full use of the light emitted by the LED. By designing the light path, focusing only on the brightness of the LED without improving it, can effectively improve the light utilization rate.

  Another important indicator of LED flat lighting is the uniformity of light emission. The binocular general standard gt004-2012 "LED Flat Lights for General Indoor Lighting" specifies the requirements for brightness uniformity, that is, the ratio of the minimum brightness of the light-emitting surface to the arithmetic average of the brightness.

  As an LED panel light, the uniformity of light will cause the uniformity of the panel display brightness, which makes the human eye uncomfortable. According to the requirements of the gt004-2012 standard, the brightness uniformity of the LED flat light must be above 0.8. Choose suitable test points according to the screen size and measure the brightness of each point. It is generally believed that a uniform performance of more than 80% has little effect on the perception of the human eye.

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