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Matters needing attention for dmx512 wall washer, high-power LED wall washer

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  The internal control of DMX512 wall washer is colorful because the program is fixed and there are few changes, which cannot meet the requirements of the project. Many projects are now using DMX512 external control wall washer.

ADS-F720-400W rgb dmx512 led amusement flood lights with remote control

  But the external control wall washer is more troublesome than the internal control, especially the back line, the power line needs two more than 0.75 square meters, the signal line needs two 0.5 square meters, and the plugs on both sides need three more outlet holes. The internal wiring is also more troublesome than the internal control colorful. The following is a rough explanation of the related matters that need to be paid attention to during production and installation:

  Matters needing attention in the production of high-power LED wall washer:

  1. The aluminum substrate of the 36W DMX512 external control wall washer must be dedicated. Don't use a conventional one. This is a very easy mistake, because the DMX512 external control wall washer generally chooses 24V power supply, while the conventional aluminum substrate is 12 Serial 3 parallel, 24V power supply cannot be carried, and 6 serial 6 parallel dedicated boards must be used;

  2. The core of the power cord of the 36W DMX512 external control wall washer (including the male and female paired wiring and the back line) must be greater than or equal to 0.75 square, so that the male and female paired connectors can be stringed with 8 (in fact, the real lines inside are all They are joined together, but they are strung together from the outside), the wire core will burn if the core is small;

  3. The male and female connectors of the signal cable and the power cable must be of different specifications, and it is better to have a difference in color (the male and female connectors of the power cable are large, and the signal cable is small) because it is more tiring during installation. It is sometimes confusing to distinguish only from size. I had a customer once because the power line and signal line were installed incorrectly. The installer had the strength to mix it. It is reasonable to say that it is very tight to install, but he just tried to install it. , In the end, we called the individual past again, and it really made people tired back and forth, and the result was because of such a small problem. In addition to the different colors and sizes, the steps inside the male and female butt joints are also different. Haha, insurance.

  4. I won't say much about the wiring and glue filling inside. The customer will know if the workmanship is good or not.

  DMX512 wall washer installation precautions

  1. It is best to connect the signal line during installation (if you connect the power line first, some manufacturers will install the female head line on the lamp every 8 lines, the signal line may touch the line, which may burn the power inside IC);

  2. There should not be too many male and female connectors in series, no more than 8 conventional ones, too much current will burn the line;

  3. Do not connect the power cord to the signal line in reverse, and the external control is conventionally used as 24V, and never connect to 220V;

  4. The male and female butt joints must be tightened with the locking nut, otherwise water will seep into the aluminum plate of the lamp;

  5. There are many kinds of controllers, some users like to use SD cards (the speed of this kind of controller is best to choose 1 2 3 gears), and the higher speed gears look good on the effect of the wall washer. Not obvious, because you may not see the net effect if you choose too quickly).

  Night scene lighting with dmx512 point light source

  The price of DMX512 point light source on the market is uneven, and the product quality is also uneven. How do we choose a point light source with high cost performance? The editor of Ruiling Electronic Technology specially compiled some information and gave it to everyone.

  Usually the point light source is composed of: electronic components, lamp beads, light sources, smart ICs, housings and waterproof materials. However, if applied under certain severe weather conditions, these products are prone to problems. For example, in areas where the temperature difference is less than minus 35 degrees, and in areas where the temperature difference is relatively large and the wind and sand are relatively large, the LED point light source is prone to not bright or short-circuit and crack, which is the price of point light sources on the market. Qi reason.

  Ruiling Electronic Technology DMX512 point light source is handmade and made of cold-resistant and cold-resistant materials. PC and glue are materials that can resist cracking below 35°, while silica gel is also resistant to cold. The chip adopts the American Bridgelux chip. Quality is guaranteed. For minus 35 degrees-below the area with large temperature difference and relatively large wind and sand, it has strong adaptability, so that customers can rest assured and tourists will enjoy it comfortably!

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