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Neon Transformer!LED Flex neon factory

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  Neon Transformer

  (1) The neon light leakage transformer, (also known as inductance transformer, iron core transformer) is characterized by good reliability, high brightness of the load lamp, consistent light color, long life, and the disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy. At present, it is outdoor in foreign and Shanghai Most neon lights use this kind of transformer.

  The specifications of the inductance transformer are: 3KV, 6KV, 9KV, 12KV, 15KV, 18KV.

  (2) Electronic transformers (also known as high-frequency cold-start tube-shaped discharge lamps (neon) electronic converters or neon power supplies) have the following advantages: light weight, convenient manufacturing, and saving metal materials. At present, the quality of domestically produced electronic transformers is stable and certain Scale, some of them also export in batches. However, the brightness of electronic transformers produced by many units is not as bright as it should be, and it is a bit inferior when used outdoors.

  Electronic transformers are divided into two types: DC and AC. Because of the unidirectional conduction, the DC electronic transformer often causes the lamp tube to be bright and dark. And because the output frequency of the electronic transformer will be affected by the length of the load lamp, in the same neon lamp, the lamp color will be uneven due to the difference in the length of each lamp. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers are reluctant to use high-quality and high-quality electrical components, and the processing technology is simple, so the reliability is poor and the life is short.

ADS-NL2020-120D  rgb neon lights 360 degree ucs1903/sm16703 rgb neon flex strips

  The specifications of electronic transformers are: 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W and other specifications, and there are also 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, and so on.

  It is also possible to truly produce electronic transformers that meet the requirements of neon lights, but the price will be close to the price of inductive transformers. In order to compete at low prices and gain market share, some manufacturers sacrifice the brightness, reliability, and life of neon lights to obtain it. Market profit.

  3. The program controller is divided into: (1) Ordinary electronic program controller:

  (2) Gradual electronic program controller:

  4. Neon lights high-voltage line points:

  (1) Ordinary high-voltage cables, namely plastic high-voltage cables, are cheap, but plastics are prone to ageing. The plastics will age soon after outdoor use, causing fires, etc., and their safety is poor.

  (2) Silicone rubber insulated high-voltage wire is the ideal neon connection wire at present, with strong safety and good reliability.

  What has been introduced above is the main components that make up neon lights. From the above, it can be known that neon lights are the same as other commodities, with great differences in varieties, specifications, and quality.

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