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Neon lights = art?LED Flex neon factory

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  Neon lights = art?LED Flex neon factory(图1)

  When you think of neon lights, what do you think of first? Is it the lively streets and lanes when you were young, or the feasting and feasting all alone when you grow up? Is it Hong Kong through the lens of Wong Kar-wai, or is it an old thing that is gradually aging? Nowadays, a group of people cherish it with art and record the inexhaustible emotions behind it.

  Neon is the transliteration of Neon. As far as it is concerned, it will emit orange-red light after power on. It can produce different colors when combined with other inert gases. If helium is added, it will become pink and mixed with krypton. Green etc. will appear. The non-reactive characteristics of inert gas and the effect of electrifying to produce beautiful light spots make neon lights popular in commercial advertisements, and therefore inspire many artistic creations.

  Light that affects the mind

  Keith Sonnier was one of the first artists to use light as a sculptural material. In the late 1960s, he began to experiment with the combination of incandescent lamps, neon tubes and other materials to explore the diffusion of light into the surrounding space. In the "Ba-O-Ba" series of works, Sonnell used geometric glass plates to intersect with neon tubes, making neon a unique artistic language. He emphasized the audience's psychological perception of light: "Light has an effect, and the light on the surface of the body affects the soul."

  The meaning of color

  Since 2006, American artist Glenn Ligon has been making white neon light installations, spelling out the word "America" in classic printer fonts. The exploration of the meaning of color is the core of Ligon's art. Through his reflection on the meaning of black Americans, he presents more personal and politicized characteristics in his works.

  Wasteland Echo

  Korean photographer Jung Lee also uses neon to confess and express emotions. Her neon phrases are often placed on desolate snowfields or unmanned lakes. The warm emotions between the lines contrast sharply with the barren and barren snowfields, as if the artist's silent shout.

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