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Neon lights become a hot spot in the advertising market

source:Led Neon Flex Popular:Silicone Neon release time:2022-01-25 Article author:sznbone

  Neon lights become a hot spot in the advertising market(图1)

  The following is the introduction and fieldwork images of Super Characters?

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  It is also a coincidence that the research and creation company of Super Character is a three-year old customer of Leili Laser.

  Because advertising malls do fine workmanship, resin luminous characters tend to be cheap and the production is about to be saturated. The traditional manufacturers of resin characters are very sad. Since the beginning of the last year, they have shuttled back and forth between Japan and South Korea in search of new advertising materials and equipment. Come as a breakthrough point for a company's future development. Last year, in October 2014, "Super Word" was finally successfully developed and tested and put into implementation.

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