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New LED flexible neon light!LED Flex neon factory

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  New LED flexible neon light!LED Flex neon factory(图1)

  The new flexible neon character is the latest invention using LED technology in recent years. It has low energy consumption, no mercury, no electromagnetic interference to the environment, etc., and can also be used in landscape lighting.

  1. The new flexible neon lamp uses 12V power supply, which is a safe voltage for the human body. It has high safety, high reliability, and low power consumption. It consumes only about 200 degrees per square meter per year.

  2. Simple structure: no need for high-pressure equipment such as ballast and booster, and no need for inflation. The shell is made of flexible plastic, which has good weather resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

  3. Rich colors: The new flexible neon lights are illuminated by LED semiconductors, with full-color and seven-color colors. Using digital technology, they can achieve color changes such as jump, gradation, and synchronization, and evolve into any dazzling effect. The traditional neon lights only have colorful light sources;

  4. Long lifespan and easy maintenance: a single LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours+, can be used continuously for 5-10 years, and easy to maintain, just change the pattern or the corresponding stroke;

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