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News: More Activities To Take Place At This October’s Festival Of Light

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  News: More Activities To Take Place At This October’s Festival Of Light

  Sunderland City Council has announced more activities set to take place at Cliffe Park during the Festival of Light.

  From Thursday 14 October to Saturday 13 November, the Festival of Light will be taking place in Roker Park every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as every day over the October half term.


  To accompany the festival, a family funfair will be taking place in Cliffe Park between 4 and 9pm. This will include the return of the Observation Wheel to the seafront and family rides such as a vintage carousel and Grand Canyon roller coaster. Catering will also be available.Alongside the family fun activities, the much-loved Sunderland Illuminations are set to light up the night sky along the Roker and Seaburn seafront every night from 14 October.Visitors planning to attend Roker Park during the Festival of Light are advised that all tickets must be pre-booked online in advance. Tickets are not required for Cliffe Park.


  To ensure that everyone can remain safe throughout their visit, there will be a reduced capacity and visitors will need to select a timeslot for entry into the park to assist in managing the numbers on-site at any one time.Throughout half term there will also be a quiet hour between 4pm-5pm for customers wanting a quieter and more relaxed experience.

  During the quiet hour, music within the park will be turned down and performances and street theatre will be limited.Tickets are £3 per person and discounts are available for groups of three or more, with free entry for children under two years old.

  This will mean that the amusement park will once again be lit by colorful amusement lights.

  Everyone is looking forward to the reopening of the amusement park. And the amusement lights will be lit again. People enjoy this rare beauty. Beautiful amusement lights illuminate the entire playground, and people are happy to play in the playground.

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