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Performance characteristics of street light controller

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  Choose high-quality industrial-grade components to ensure the stability of the product. Complete electrical protection functions make the system more reliable. The waterproof/dust cover design can prevent damage caused by field use. The first open user configuration mode is based on different needs. , The output power curve of the light can be configured steplessly to achieve the effect of nearly never turning off the light. The fan MPPT (Maximum Power Tracking) function ensures low speed and can charge the battery under low voltage.

Performance characteristics of street light controller(图1)

  Solar MPPT (Maximum Power Tracking) function guarantees The solar panel works in the best state, the maximum charging voltage limit, current limit charging method, to ensure that the battery is always in the best state of charge, providing up to 94% efficiency 120W LED driver output, precise control of energy distribution. Light control, time control, uninterrupted output, voltage/current/power output modes are available for automatic/manual unloading of the fan. The unique PWM soft unloading control technology ensures smooth braking of the fan, avoids large inertia changes, and improves the mechanical life of the fan Use PWM method for stepless offloading, release excess power, protect the battery, and provide computer software for safe operation of the fan, use plug-and-play USB communication, configure parameters, or set up an internally integrated high-efficiency energy management algorithm through a 3-digit LED digital tube , Can extend the use time extremely high, achieve the effect of almost never turning off the lights. It can provide the city power switching function according to the needs, and give priority to the use of wind and wind power generation, and the city power supplement when the energy is insufficient. Provide TTL 232 communication interface, with remote communication components, can implement remote monitoring. High-quality aluminum alloy appearance design, small size, good heat dissipation effect

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