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Point light source can realize the luminescence and discoloration of various colors in the visible l

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  The light source is idealized as a particle point light source. Point light is an abstracted physical concept, in order to simplify the study of physical problems. Just like a smooth plane, a mass point, and no air resistance, a point light source does not exist in reality. It refers to a light source that emits uniformly from a point to the surrounding space.

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  Point light sources are idealized as particle point light sources. Point light is an abstracted physical concept, in order to simplify the study of physical problems. The parallel light source is also called Directional Light, which is a group of parallel light without attenuation, similar to the effect of sunlight. The target parallel light produces a cylindrical parallel irradiation area, which is a kind of "parallel beam" similar to the target spotlight. Target parallel light is mainly used to simulate the effects of sunlight, searchlights, laser beams, etc.

  The LED light source of LED linear lamp manufacturers can realize the light emission and discoloration of various colors in the visible light band by changing the current, chemical modification, monochromatic light mixing and other methods. Even for white light LEDs, it can be made into light sources of various color temperatures. Therefore, it has obvious advantages in indoor decorative lighting and landscape lighting. The LED light source adopts DC power supply, the light is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light region, and there is basically no interference of ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which can avoid the adverse effects of stroboscopic effect and improve human eye comfort.

  The basic structure of the LED light source is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a leaded shelf, and then sealed with epoxy resin. There is no glass shell in the structure, and it does not need to be inside the tube like an incandescent lamp or a fluorescent lamp. Evacuate into a vacuum or rush into a specific gas. Therefore, the seismic and impact resistance of the LED light source is good, which brings convenience to all links of its production, transportation, and use.

  Since the luminous body of the LED is close to the "point" light source, the design of the lamp is more convenient, but when used as a large-area display, the current and power consumption are both large. LEDs are generally used for display devices such as indicator lights, digital tubes, display panels and photoelectric coupling devices of electronic equipment, and are also commonly used for optical communications, etc., as well as the decoration of building outlines, amusement parks, billboards, streets, stages and other places.

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