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Precautions for solar battery installation

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  Precautions for solar battery installation

  1. The solar light installer (or engineering team) should bring a small amount of system spare parts (such as screws, etc.) to the installation site, obtain a detailed installation project schedule, and discuss project details (such as installation methods, load-bearing conditions, etc.).

  2. Before starting the installation of solar street light batteries, installers (or engineering teams) should be organized for training, introducing precautions during the installation process, battery usage methods and maintenance precautions, and safety must be paid attention to during the installation process.

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  3. The solar light installer (or engineering team) conducts unpacking inspection of the battery and inventory of accessories. The battery installation system diagram, installation manual and other documents in the accessory box should be received.

  4. According to the construction drawings of the solar street light, check whether the battery is placed in the machine room reasonably, whether the maintenance space is reserved, and whether there is a proper distance from the heat source and the place where sparks may be generated.

  5. Open the box and take out the system diagram of the battery before starting to install the solar lamp battery. The installation should be carried out in strict accordance with the battery system diagram. The installation of any missing system components (including the pasting of battery cell numbers) is not allowed. All system components (Spare parts) should be exactly the same as the model specifications specified in the installation diagram.

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