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Street light controller application

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  There are two types of street lamp controllers, indoor type: installed at the lower end of the indoor lighting control cabinet; outdoor type: can be installed according to user requirements, placed in a stainless steel cabinet, with a protection level of IP54.

Street light controller application(图1)

  1. Adopt foreign advanced micro-processing chip, high reliability, small error and strong stability.

  2. With power-off data storage, the clock works uninterruptedly, no need to replace the battery, and the clock runs for more than ten years.

  3. Calculate the switching time of latitude and longitude, which can be controlled reasonably with seasonal changes, and the minimum step is 1 minute.

  4. Use LCD to display year, month, day, hour, minute, and back light for easy observation and operation at night.

  5. With the function of selecting the number of channels, it can be conveniently set as 1 channel, 2 channel or 3 channel control.

  6. Working mode 0: the user sets the switch time, the range of turning on the light is 12:00 to 23:55; the range of turning off the light is 00:00 to 11:55.

  7. Working mode 1: The switch time is controlled by latitude and longitude, and the light-off time of No. 2, No. 3 can be set from 00:00 to 11:55.

  8. Working mode 2: Longitude and latitude control time plus or minus 30 minutes, wind is controlled by light.

  9. Working mode 3: Light intensity control switch lights.

  10. It has an independent maintenance button to facilitate the maintenance of electrical equipment or the needs of major celebrations.

  11. Strong anti-interference ability, capable of resisting interference pulses directly input from the power grid with an amplitude of up to 2000 volts.

  12. High-power relay output, which can be connected to 220V or 380V contactor, with stable control and long service life. Street lamp controllers are widely used in public lighting environments such as municipal roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, gardens, docks, sightseeing lights, sports squares, playgrounds, advertising light boxes, etc.; lamp types for street lamp controllers: high pressure sodium lamps, low pressure sodium lamps , Metal halide lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps and other gas discharge lighting lamps.

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