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The advantages of LED neon lights over glass neon tubes

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  Why LED neon lights replace glass tube neon lights? Nowadays, LED flexible light strip is a very popular LED light breakthrough product, which is widely used as auxiliary lighting in homes, commerce, showcases and other places. Among them, LED flexible neon lights are even more important. Instead of traditional glass neon tubes and other light sources, the night scene of the city shines brightly. The following is an explanation of the advantages of LED neon lights and how they replaced glass neon lights.

The advantages of LED neon lights over glass neon tubes(图1)

  LED neon light looks the same as glass neon light in appearance. It is a professional linear lighting decoration product, but it can be bent arbitrarily, has shatter-resistant and waterproof functions, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

  Compared with glass neon tubes, LED neon tubes have the following advantages:

  1. High productivity. Traditional neon lights have a large investment and complicated processes. There are many inconveniences when using glass tubes, high-voltage electricity and inert gases. The flexible neon lamp adopts a brand-new structure and LED technology, using unique optical technology and housing design, which not only increases the intensity and uniformity of the light, but also improves the efficiency of production.

  2, high brightness. LED flexible neon lights are made of high-brightness LEDs connected in series, and the encrypted arrangement of 80-90LED/meter is the guarantee of the overall luminous effect and high brightness of the light source.

  3. Longevity. The LED flexible neon lamp, based on the LED technology, has a new structure, so that this lamp can reach an ultra-long life of 100,000 hours. However, traditional neon lights can only work at room temperature, the voltage must be increased during use, the power consumption is also large, the cost is high, the service life is short, and maintenance is inconvenient.

  4. Durable. Compared with glass neon lights, the durability of flexible light strips is beyond doubt, because there is no need to consider the breaking of glass neon lights. The PVC plastic lamp body used in flexible neon lights is shock-proof and heat-resistant.

  5. Energy saving. The energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of LED are unparalleled. The light source of the LED flexible lamp is LED, which has low energy consumption and energy saving, which can save more than 70% of energy consumption and use cost.

  6. Security. Glass neon lights require a high voltage of 15,000V for normal operation, while the flexible LED strip can also operate normally at a low voltage of 24V. In addition, it is shockproof and waterproof, has low heat dissipation, and is extremely safe to use.

  7, soft. The flexible LED light strip can be bent to a circle with a radius of only 4cm, and it can be cut at any scissors, so it is very convenient to bend into various characters and graphics.

  Led neon light Through the above introduction, we can see the advantages of LED light strips and understand why flexible light strips will replace glass neon lights. In the future, LED lights will replace traditional light sources more and faster.

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