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The main components of neon lights!Rgb Led Neon factory

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  The main components of neon lights

  Neon lamp is a cold cathode glow discharge tube. Its radiation spectrum has a strong ability to penetrate the atmosphere. The color is bright and colorful, and its luminous efficiency is significantly better than that of ordinary incandescent lamps. Its line structure is rich in expressiveness. It can be processed and bent into any geometric shape to meet the design requirements. Through electronic program control, the patterns and texts with variable colors are welcomed by people.

  The bright, beautiful, and dynamic characteristics of neon lights cannot be replaced by any electric light source at present, and they are the leader in the continuous emergence and competition of all kinds of new light sources.

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  Because the neon lamp is a cold cathode glow discharge, the life of a qualified neon lamp can reach 20,000--30000 hours.

  With the rapid development of China’s economy, the types and specifications of neon lights have been basically serialized, and they can be selected for various purposes. Their quality has gradually approached the international level. With China’s entry into the WTO, the gap between the international level and the international level will become greater and greater. Small, it will surpass the international advanced level in the near future, but under the current market competition conditions, there are indeed a small number of manufacturers lacking integrity, and some users do not understand the performance and quality of neon lights, producing and making inferior products. Dumping at low prices in the market affects the reputation of neon lights.

  In order to familiarize large users with neon lights and understand neon lights, we briefly introduce some neon lights' varieties, specifications, and the main equipment for making neon lights to help users identify the pros and cons of "neon lights".

  1. Neon tube:

  (1) Divided by specifications: Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø9, Ø10, Ø12, Ø15, Ø18, Ø20m/m and other thicknesses.

  (2) Divided by glass material:

  ① Sodium glass tube (or lime glass tube) is poor in stability, and it is easily deteriorated, efflorescence (weathering) after being damp, and has poor fastness and is easy to burst. At present, about 80% of these materials are used in our country.

  ② Lead glass tube (also known as Hongdan material glass tube) is better than soda glass in thermal performance, mechanical performance, electrical performance, chemical stability, vacuum performance and optical performance, and its weather resistance and service life greatly exceed soda glass. It is currently international Most of Shanghai General Motors uses this kind of lead glass tube, and the current consumption in my country has reached about 20-30%. For all manufacturers who are pursuing high-quality production, users use lead tubes to make neon lights. Lead glass is divided into heavy lead glass, medium lead glass and light lead glass according to its lead content.

  ③ Stained glass tube, this kind of glass tube is filled with dye when the glass tube is drawn, and the produced glass tube is already colored glass tube.

  (3) According to the fluorescent powder material coated in the neon tube:

  ① Most of the neon tubes currently in use are sprayed with "ordinary fluorescent powder", which is relatively cheap and can generally meet the requirements of various colors.

  ② "Three primary colors" phosphors (also called rare earth phosphors) have better brightness, chroma and freshness compared with ordinary phosphors.

  (4) The process of spraying phosphor is divided into two types: water coating and glue coating.

  ①Water coating is ready to use alcohol, ketone solvent mixed phosphor powder sprayed on the inner wall of the lamp tube, and let it dry naturally.

  ②Glue coating is sprayed with glue liquid mixed with phosphor powder, and then dried in an oven, its viscosity and fastness are much better than that of water-coated powder tube.

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