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The neon lights are so hot, who are using them?Flex Neon Strip Wholesale

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  ADS-NL2012-60D  20*12mm sm16703 RGB 12v led neon flex Strip Lighting

  From the earliest traditional neon lights used in the production of door signs and shop signs for some bars and shops, they have been gradually replaced by mini-characters and luminous characters, and LED flexible neon lights have appeared in the back. Let’s take a look. Who are using it?

  Internet celebrity shop

  The decoration style of the most popular online celebrity stores is also decorated with neon lights, and the most traditional and ancient neon lights are used to decorate the most modern online celebrity stores. These two elements, one old and one new, make the unique style of the entire store particularly charming. Generally, most people who go to Internet celebrity shops are young people, and they have little understanding of traditional lighting such as neon lights. Therefore, traditional neon lights confirm the most novel and trendy style for this group of young people.

  Variety show scene

  In many variety shows, we often see neon lights, such as the most popular "Instant Electronic Music". Electronic music was first spread from foreign countries to China, affecting a large number of young people, because foreign countries prefer such neon lights, which are usually visible on some streets, so these factors are brought to "Instant Electronic Music". In the light design of the entire stage, we can see the neon lights are very eye-catching.

  Commercial Plaza

  You can see neon lights and neon signs in many old neighborhoods or in some old Hong Kong films. Because traditional neon lights are used less and less, so many streets full of neon lights can only be seen in movies, relive this street atmosphere with a sense of age. Most commercial plazas in China will use LED neon lights to decorate some streets into an old Hong Kong style for filming.

  Featured Bar

  Many bar owners have always liked to use neon lights to decorate the bar or decorate the event site. Cool neon lights, cocktails, blue starry sky, warm and romantic nights, make the atmosphere of the bar scene instantly high. The glass reflects light and shadow, and the light penetrates the wine bottle, but the simple horizontal and vertical changes and the magic of colors are completely different. The feeling of penetrating the retina and hitting the heart makes people want to sit down and have a drink right away.

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