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The structure and accessories of neon lights!Digital Neon Flex Wholesale

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  The structure and accessories of neon lights

  From the earliest traditional neon lights used in the production of door signs and shop signs for some bars and shops, they have been gradually replaced by mini-characters and luminous characters, and LED flexible neon lights have appeared in the back. Let’s take a look. Who are using it?

  1. Glass tube The main function of the glass tube is to fill working gas, connect two electrodes and transmit visible light. Common neon glass tubes include three types: bright tubes, pink tubes and color tubes.

  2. Electrode The electrode is used to emit electrons and collect electrons and positive ions. It is made of metal that is resistant to positive ion bombardment, has a high melting point, and is easy to emit electrons. ,

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  3. The main function of mica sheet (or collar) is to support the electrode, heat insulation and reduce the cathode sputtering on the inner wall of the glass tube. The supporting electrode can make it unable to move, loose or touch the glass tube; heat insulation can prevent the glass tube from bursting; reducing the cathode spatter on the inner wall of the glass tube can prolong the life of the lamp tube.

  4. The electrode lead can connect the electrode with the external circuit through it. The material with good conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient and glass phase should be selected. The electrode lead is mostly made of Dumet wire.

  5. Working gas The working gas is mostly inert gas, neon and nitrogen are the most commonly used working gases, neon gas is mostly filled into bright tubes to make red neon lights. Hydrogen and mercury are mostly composed of hydrogen-mercury mixed gas and filled into powder tubes to make neon lights of other colors .

  6. Phosphor powder coated with different types of phosphor powder on the inner wall of the glass tube can be easily mixed with hydrogen and mercury to make neon lights of various colors.

  7. The high-voltage transformer is a current-stabilizing device connected to the neon tube circuit, and it forms a complete set of neon lights with the tube. Glow discharge has the following characteristics in electrical performance: one is that it needs a higher ignition voltage and a lower working voltage, and the other is that it has negative volt-ampere characteristics that make the discharge unable to be stable. The use of magnetic leakage high-voltage transformer or electronic step-up transformer can provide up to 15kv voltage for the lamp to start the lamp on fire. When the gas starts to discharge, the voltage will drop to a constant value immediately to maintain the normal glow discharge of the lamp. A stable state.

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