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The structure of LED lamp bead aluminum substrate.300w led flood light

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  The structure of LED lamp bead aluminum substrate.300w led flood light(图1)

  Aluminum-based copper clad laminate is a metal circuit board material, which is composed of copper foil, a thermally conductive insulating layer and a metal substrate. The structure is divided into three layers.

  Cireuitl.Layer circuit layer: same as ordinary PCB copper clad laminate, the circuit copper clad thickness is 10oz.

  DiELcctricLayer insulating layer: The insulating layer is a layer of thermally conductive insulating material with low thermal resistance.

  BaseLayer: Metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper can be selected. Aluminum-based copper clad laminates and conventional epoxy fiberglass laminates, etc.

  The circuit layer (copper foil) is usually etched to form a printed circuit to connect the various components of the part. Generally, the circuit layer needs a larger current-carrying capacity, so thicker copper foil should be used, with a thickness of 35 mm Up to 280 mm. Insulation layer is the key technology of aluminum substrate. It is usually composed of special polymer filled with special ceramics. It has the characteristics of good viscoelasticity, heat aging resistance, mechanical stress and thermal stress.

  The thermal insulation layer of the high-performance aluminum substrate adopts this technology to have very good thermal conductivity and high-strength electrical insulation performance, while the metal base layer is the supporting member of the aluminum substrate and requires high thermal conductivity. Under normal circumstances, aluminum and copper plates can also be used (copper plates can provide better thermal conductivity). Suitable for conventional processing such as drilling, punching, and cutting. Compared with other materials, PCB materials have unparalleled advantages. Suitable for surface mount SMT public art of power components. No radiator is needed, the volume is greatly reduced, the heat dissipation effect is good, the heat insulation performance and the mechanical performance are good.

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