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What are the advantages of flexible neon lights

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  The product of the flexible neon lamp manufacturer is a noble professional linear lighting decoration. Although it looks like an ordinary neon lamp, it can be bent arbitrarily. Moreover, such a product also has the function of shatter resistance and waterproof, which can be used indoors and outdoors. use. Compared with glass neon lights, flexible neon lights have the following advantages.


  1. The traditional neon lights have relatively large investment and complicated production processes, so they are slowly being eliminated. Today’s flexible neon lights use a new structure and LED technology. The bright LED bulbs are covered by a special PVC shell. The use of unique optical technology and a special shell design not only increases the intensity and uniformity of the light, but also simplifies the process. The process improves production efficiency.

  2. In order to make the light source brighter, flexible neon lamp manufacturers use imported ultra-high-brightness LEDs in series. The encrypted arrangement of 80LED/meter or 90LED/meter is the cornerstone of the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

  3. The service life of flexible neon lights is very long. Based on the LED technology, the manufacturer has added a new structure to allow this light to reach an ultra-long service life of tens of thousands of hours under any circumstances. Compared with glass neon lights, the durability of flexible neon lights is better than it.

  4. The light strips used by flexible neon lamp manufacturers can save energy by more than 70%, which greatly reduces the cost of energy consumption to a certain extent.

  5. Traditional neon lights use a transformer to boost the voltage of 220V to 15000V to excite the inert gas in the glass tube, and emit monochromatic light along the outline of the font pattern. Two sets of glass tubes are needed for two colors. If the font is too large, the middle of the stroke will not be bright; if it is too small and too complicated, it will not be processed.

  The working voltage of flexible neon lamp manufacturers only needs 24V, which only emits low heat. It can be cut to any length and bent into different shapes during installation. It is very convenient to use special rails to install together with different material surfaces, such as wood and plastic. , Steel or walls, and can be designed and decorated into different patterns according to the needs of the designer.

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