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What are the advantages of high-power LED lamp holders

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  With the development of society, power LED lamp holders are more and more adopted. Why is it so popular? It is naturally related to its unique advantages. Below, we can take a look together.

What are the advantages of high-power LED lamp holders(图1)

  The high-power LED lamp holder has a long service life, and the light source life is more than 50,000 hours, which is 5-10 times that of traditional lamps. The LED light source adopts the most mature white light 1W package at present, and the outer surface is soldered on a 2mm thick aluminum-based circuit board, and then the aluminum substrate is installed on the plane of the radiator to ensure that the heat is quickly transferred to the radiator. The integrated planning of other heat sinks and lamp housings fully guarantees the LED heat dissipation requirements and service life. The advanced packaging technology guarantees the high reliability of the LED, and the outstanding heat dissipation guarantees the LED operation at the agreed temperature. The combination of the two fully guarantees the long service life of the LED.

  Modular integrated planning. Can be arbitrarily combined into products with different power and brightness requirements, each module is an independent light source and interchangeable, local faults will not affect the normal operation of the entire lamp, facilitate disassembly and protection, and save protection costs. The appearance is light and thin, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance, reduce the load of the light pole, and enhance the safety factor.

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