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What are the precautions for LED full-color point light sources?

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  Note for LED full-color point light source:

  1. The voltage cannot be higher than 12.5V. When connecting the VCC (red wire) to the switching power supply + pole, be careful not to connect it incorrectly. If you accidentally connect it incorrectly, the following phenomenon will occur: the connecting wire heats up and the light does not turn on. The power supply should be turned off immediately and the power supply should be stopped. (High voltage and wrong + pole connection may cause damage to the F30 smart point light source).

  2. When jitter occurs, pay attention to check whether the GND (ground) line is connected to each power supply (common ground) or connected to the control.

What are the precautions for LED full-color point light sources?(图1)

  3. This product adopts a point-by-point control mode, and the punching position map and the control file must be consistent (no more or less than one point). The position is arranged as neatly as possible, so that the displayed effect will be more beautiful and regular, and the pattern will not be deformed.

  How to dissipate heat from LED digital wall washer

  The power of LED digital wall washer determines its projection distance. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But power is not fixed.

  The power can be flexibly changed as required. Generally, high-power LED wall washer refers to a single row, and multiple rows are called linear LED flood lights. Due to heat dissipation problems, it is best not to use a single 1W wall washer lamp exceeding 36W within 1 meter, otherwise poor heat dissipation will cause serious light attenuation.

  LED wall washer can make the light pass through the wall like water. It is mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and also used to outline large buildings. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life, etc., in 2013, other light source wall washer lamps were gradually replaced by LED wall washer lamps. a074306d9d141f43c6b50782839f7a42.jpg

  Regardless of whether the LED digital wall washer is stable or not, the quality of the lamp itself is very important for the heat dissipation of the lamp body. At present, the heat dissipation of high-brightness LED lamps on the market usually adopts natural heat dissipation, and the effect is not ideal. If the heat dissipation is not ideal, the life of the bulb itself will also be affected. The application of heat dissipation materials in industry should not only pay attention to the heat dissipation coefficient, but also ignore the thermal resistance value. If you only see a certain kind of heat sink, thermal paste, heat dissipation paint or thermal conductive film with good heat dissipation coefficient, it is considered that a large amount of heat dissipation can be performed, which may be disappointing. It is expected that the temperature will be lowered as a result, the LED extension will not be attenuated due to overheating, and the life of the LED street lamp can be effectively extended, and this may not happen.

  From this tedious process, it can be found that the material with the best thermal conductivity will be destroyed by the thermal resistance. Air, holes in the joints that are not tight, heat dissipation pads, powder formed after the evaporation of the heat dissipation paste silicone oil, and the film thickness of the multi-layer thermal conductive film will all form thermal resistance. These multi-level thermal resistance will hinder the thermal conductivity, and the heat conduction is very slow, and it cannot even be conducted to the surface of the led lamp, and it becomes a cumulative increase in heat. The white backlight ink on the surface of the aluminum substrate must not only reflect, but also must radiate the heat of the underlying layer through the backlight ink on the surface.

  Some wall washer manufacturers have never found that replacing the LED backlight ink with ordinary white text ink is equivalent to adding a layer of hard paint to seal the heat. After many failures, the existing wall washer manufacturers accepted the new concept and manufacturing process, and were attacked by the overall cooling scheme. The aluminum substrate is coated with a heat-dissipating white backlight ink dedicated to LEDs. If light yellow backlight ink is specified, the reflectance will increase to 91%. Spraying soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint between the copper foil substrate and the aluminum substrate can reduce the use of Japanese thermal conductive films and increase the breakdown voltage at a very low cost. In order to protect the high-power wall washer from the weather and effectively conduct heat, the cost-saving and effective method is to spray soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint. Only starting from the overall concept of heat dissipation and reducing thermal resistance interference is the key to accepting LED lights. The protective shell of the lamp should abandon the traditional electroplating or baking varnish, it will re-seal the heat into the lamp.

  How to eliminate the uncontrolled reasons of some LED point light sources?

  Part of the LED point light source is not controlled: Phenomenon: If the animation of the previous point light source works normally, starting from a certain point light source, the following lights have no animation effect.

  Ways to exclude some uncontrolled LED point light sources:

  (1) It is judged that the IC (or input line) of this LED point light source or the output line of the previous point light source is broken, replace the one or the previous light;

  (2) The number of point light sources written in the program is not enough. Ask the business staff what the number of program design is (if the test program is 100 points, the LED point light source after 100 points will be partially bright but no animation function).

  What are the categories of led point light sources

  LED point light sources are also called LED pixel lights. According to the industry, size, working method, etc., there are various names. The following is a brief introduction.

  In terms of color, there are LED monochromatic point light sources, LED colorful point light sources, and LED full-color point light sources;

  From the working mode, there are two types of LED point light sources with serial signals and LED point light sources with parallel signals. Among them, the LED point light sources with parallel signals can also be called DMX512 LED point light sources;

  Of course, different industries and places need to use different point light sources.

  For example, a colorful screen in a jewelry store, or a KTV colorful screen, uses a 12mm LED point light source and a 3 cm LED point light source. If the building is brightened, a large-scale LED point light source is used more.

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