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What is the composition of LED strips?Led Strips Grow Light factory

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  ADS-IC211 DC12v RGB LED pixel light

  LED strips are one of the lamps we use now. This article mainly introduces the main components of ordinary light strips

  1. Composition of flexible lamp bead board

  The most important part is to paste an appropriate number of LED chip beads and current limiting resistors on the flexible circuit board

  We know that the voltage of a single LED bulb is between 3-5v; then more than 60 lamp beads are connected in series, and the voltage can reach about 200V, which is close to the mains voltage of 220V. Combined with the resistance current limit, the LED lamp bead board can work normally after connecting to AC power

  2. Wire connection.

  When the wire runs on high-voltage direct current, the voltage drop is very small compared to 12V or 24V low-voltage lamps. This is why the high-pressure lamp belt can reach 50 meters or even 100 meters. The pre-buried wires on both sides of the high-voltage lamp belt transmit high-voltage electricity to each string of flexible lamp beads.

  The quality of the wire is very important for the entire high-voltage light strip. Generally speaking, high-quality high-voltage lamp strip wires are made of copper wire, and the cross-sectional area is relatively thick. Compared with the total power of the high-voltage lamp belt, it is more than enough

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