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What is the difference between DMX512 linear light and ordinary LED linear light?

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  The DMX512 line light protocol was first developed by USITT to control the dimmer from the console with a standard digital interface. DMX512 surpasses the analog system, but cannot completely replace the analog system. The simplicity, reliability and flexibility of DMX512 have quickly become the protocol of choice when funds permit. In addition to dimmers, a series of ever-increasing control devices are evidence. DMX512 is still a new field in science, with various wonderful technologies based on rules.

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  The difference between DMX512 line light and ordinary external control is mainly the difference in signal transmission scheme. The signal scheme of DMX512 line light is a parallel scheme. All lamps signal transmission is connected in parallel on a signal line. The purpose is for this signal transmission lamp. Some or some of them can still be used normally after they are broken. The signals of ordinary externally controlled linear lights are all connected in series. If one of the lamps in this signal is broken, when the signal is transmitted to this broken lamp, the signal will be interrupted in this lamp, and the signal cannot be transmitted to the following lamps. A broken lamp affects the signal transmission of a whole line of lamps. Ordinary external control and DMX512 line lights have advantages and disadvantages. The selection should be based on the actual situation. The advantage is that the DMX512 line lights are stable and the after-sales service can be basically avoided after installation; the disadvantage is that the cost is high.

  DMX512 line lights are generally used in night scene lighting projects. For local iconic building lighting and some projects with high installation requirements, when using external control line lights, try to choose DMX512 line lights from Guangdong Guangchen Lighting. The product stability is better than Ordinary external control is better.

  Scenic area projection show design, night scene lighting-give new vitality to tourist attractions

  Light plays a vital role in urban culture and planning. The orderly combination of various light phenomena in cities, especially tourist attractions, reflects the functions and needs of space, brings spatial cultural and emotional exchanges, promotes regional vitality, highlights the individuality of the landscape, and drives the night economy. It can be said that the landscape of tourist attractions Lighting planning and design are necessary means to enhance the image of the city at night, develop the tourism industry, and drive the economic benefits of the city. In recent years, the contribution of tourism and cultural industries to the economy has continued to grow. As a sunrise industry, the cultural tourism industry has also ushered in its golden decade. The tourism industry is getting closer and closer with lighting and other industries. As an important part of tourism construction, the development of tourism economy provides a broad market and growth opportunities for the lighting industry. Tourist attractions are the crystallization of urban culture. The vigorous development of urban lighting planning has also led to the rapid development of the tourism industry. The night scene lighting planning of tourist attractions can combine the landscape with the culture and art of the city at night, giving tourists a culture and art at night Therefore, the landscape lighting planning of tourist attractions has received more and more attention. The lighting of tourist attractions can shape the night scenery of the scenic landscape at night, attract tourists to consume, and improve the economic benefits of the tourism industry chain. Lighting is the night expression of the building, culture is the characteristic of this expression, and brand and economic benefits are the description. The combination of lighting and culture depicts the light and shadow expressions of tourist attractions, highlights the characteristics of tourist attractions, and shows the charm of the city. The projection show has fashionable and dynamic light and shadow, dreamy and gorgeous effects, and a cheerful jumping rhythm, making the limited environment space present more charming scenery and atmosphere. Therefore, the projection show has become the focus of the scenic night tour project. Projection shows in scenic spots are becoming more and more popular. They are often used to create an atmosphere, show the cultural connotation of tourist attractions, strengthen the all-round interaction between tourist attractions and tourists, and give new vitality to tourist attractions. In the past, the landscape night scene stayed in ordinary functional lighting and simple landscape lighting. The theme of tourist attractions was not prominent, and it did not give tourists a good tour experience and impression. As a result, tourists just wandered around and did not stop and stay. The promotion and application of the projection show in the scenic spot uses the unique architecture or mountain as the carrier, using light and shadow art and technology to stage natural light and shadow works with unique historical significance of the scenic spot. It cannot be denied that the design of the scenic spot projection show has become the focus of the night tour of the tourist spot! So, what details should be paid attention to in the design of the scenic spot projection show? First, the design of the projection show should have vitality, not illusory, and the design of the scenic projection show should follow People-oriented principles create light and shadow art works that resonate and interact with tourists. Second, the design content of the scenic spot projection show should reflect the historical story and cultural heritage of the scenic spot, so as to create light and shadow art works that conform to the temperament and personality of the scenic spot. Third, the projection show in the scenic spot cannot be separated from other landscape lighting such as night tours in tourist attractions. Natural landscape lighting and architectural lighting should be taken into consideration to form a reasonable and unified connection. The projection show represents the unique culture of the scenic spot, brings to life all aspects of the resources of the tourist spot, and is the focus of the night tour of the tourist spot!

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