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What is the installation process of LED point light sources?

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  Anyone who knows LED point light sources knows that LED point light sources use ultra-high-brightness imported chips with various colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white, full color, etc., with low power, Long life span, etc., widely used in building contours and amusement parks. The main steps for installing LED point light sources are as follows:

What is the installation process of LED point light sources?(图1)

  LED point light source installation process:

  1. Use screws or glue to fix the lamp body at the required position.

  2. Connect the power cable and signal cable according to the installation drawing, and do a waterproof treatment.

  Why the length of outdoor DMX512 line lamp is 1 meter

  The length of our common outdoor DMX512 linear lamp is basically 1 meter. Can it be made longer like the LED soft light strip, reducing the number of lamps?

  The answer is of course no. LED outdoor linear lights are made of aluminum profile shells with a narrow width. If the linear light manufacturers increase the length of the lights, the following adverse effects will occur:

  1. The length of the line lamp is too long. Due to the small size of the lamp body, it is extremely easy to deform and bend and cause damage to the lamp.

  line lights

  2. In logistics and transportation, on the one hand, the weight of the lamp is heavy, and on the other hand, the collision during transportation and handling will cause problems such as damage to the packaging, loss of goods, and damage to the lamp during transportation.

  3. DMX512 linear lamp manufacturers are difficult to produce. If the lamp is too long, it will greatly increase the difficulty of each production link, not to mention affecting the production efficiency, but also bring inconvenience to the aging of the lamp; therefore, when it is necessary to use an extended outdoor line lamp The manufacturer recommends that the length should be kept below 1.5 meters as much as possible.

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