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What is the reason why the solar lamp does not turn on after dark

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  The popularity and use of solar lights have brought great safety guarantees for people in rural areas to travel at night. However, the new solar lighting products are composed of electronic devices such as solar street light controllers and batteries. It is inevitable that a batch of solar lights will have problems after a few years of use. For example, the common solar lamp does not turn on after dark. In view of the cause of this problem, the solar street lamp manufacturer will simply take everyone to analyze the reasons for this situation and give solutions.

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  1. Solar street light controller

  If the solar light has been installed and it has been on normally for a period of time, it is very likely that there is a problem with the controller at this time. The cause of damage to the controller may be a short circuit or a strong current attack. We need to test the solar street light controller, check the response of the indicator light, and judge the damage of the controller based on the light state of the indicator light. If neither indicator light is on, the controller needs to be replaced.

  2. Battery voltage

  According to the flashing condition of the indicator light of the controller, judge whether the battery is under voltage. Because the controller will protect the battery under the undervoltage state, and prevent the battery from being deeply discharged for a long time and causing damage. At this time, we only need to automatically charge the solar lamp to increase the voltage of the battery.

  3. According to the indicator light of the controller, it is judged that the solar lamp is in the normal discharge state and the voltage of the battery is normal. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the LED lamp is off. We can connect the positive and negative poles of the lamp directly to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing. If the lamp fails to turn on, it means that the LED lamp is damaged. You can replace the lamp at this time.

  In short, don’t worry if you encounter this situation with solar lights. Don’t complain to the solar street light manufacturer as soon as you encounter it. As long as you buy from a regular manufacturer, there is generally no problem with the quality. The main reason for the problem is use or installation. If it is inappropriate, please contact the technical personnel of the solar street light manufacturer in time.

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