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What kind of LED strip is suitable for LED light box?address rgb led Production

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  What kind of LED strip is suitable for LED light box?address rgb led Production(图1)

  Advertising light boxes can be divided into card light boxes, cloth light boxes, scroll light boxes, light pole light boxes, etc. According to different classifications of advertising light boxes, there are various options for LED light bars. The LED light bar for the advertising light box is exquisite. If you choose the right LED light bar, the light box can display your advertising content more perfectly. Here is a brief introduction to the LED light bar used in the light box advertising.

  1. Communication light boxes are generally used in outdoor environments, so the waterproof performance of advertising light boxes should be considered. If the light box is particularly poorly sealed, use waterproof LED light strips to prevent rainwater from entering. It is more comprehensive and effective than adhesive waterproof.

  2. The card light box is generally used in indoor environments, so this kind of light box does not need to use waterproof LED light strips, and it is sufficient if it is not waterproof.

  3. Rolling light boxes and light pole light boxes. This kind of light boxes are generally double-sided light boxes, and the size of the light boxes is generally not large, so for this kind of light boxes, side-emitting LED light bars can ensure uniform brightness. Don't connect the transformer, connect to 220V directly. The installation is very simple and the cost is much lower.

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