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amusement pixel lights LED SMD5050

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  SMD LEDs 5050 are the first that combines a good luminous flux with small dimensions. Such excellent performance immediately found application in the LED strip lights and amusement pixel lights.


amusement pixel lights LED SMD5050(图1)
amusement pixel lights LED SMD5050(图2)

  A distinctive feature of SMD5050 LEDs are:

  1.low level of degradation in long-term operation, which in 5050 became the SMD be no more than 4% for 3000 hours of operation.

  2. operating current up to 60 mA;

  3. maximum operating temperature of the crystal can reach 110 degrees;

  4. originally consisted of three individual crystals, then appeared tricolor RGB diodes, consisting of three crystals of different colors.

  While the 5050 chip can be used in single color applications, we have found the 5050 LEDs to be better for the RGB and the 2835 SMD LEDs in high density better for single color applications. They are called SMD2835 because the dimension of the chip is 2.8mm * 3.5mm.

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