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ADS-F720-500W 500W rgb dmx512 remote control led flood lights

Model: ADS-F720-500W

Input voltage: AC100V~240V, 277V

Frequency range: 50Hz~60Hz

Lamp power: 500W

Chip: UCS1903

LED chip: SMD 5050 LED

LEDs quantity: 300pcs

Color: RGB /dmx512

Working temperature: -25℃~55℃

Color rendering index: Ra>75

IP rating: IP65

Working life-span: ≥50000h

Lamp body material: PC, Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel

Lamp shell color: Black

Beam angle: 90°

Lamp packing dimension: 62.5cm* 52.5cm *16cm

Lamp weight: 14.6kg

Certificate: CE

Warranty: 2 years

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Product Detail




1. The shell of lamp adopts integrated design, it optimizes efficiency of heat dissipation.

2. Lamp body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant.

3. Using reliable silicone rubber to seal the lamp body, good waterproof and dustproof.

4. PC, Aluminum alloy and stainless steel material lamp body, compact structure, strong corrosion resistant.

5.  Multiple luminous color, no glare, no light dyeing, strong directionality and high uniformity.

6. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it's safe, and easy for installation and package.

7. Radio frequency remote control distance is more than 200m.



1. Funfair ground, amusement rides, and other amusement places.

2. Applicable for the stage, tunnel, stadiums, docks, billboards, buildings, lawns, gardening design lighting projects.

3. Other places and projects that need LED flood lights and decorative lights.

Connection & Installation

1. Connection

1)     Please make sure that the power has been cut off before connecting the cable.

2)     The thicker cable is the power cable of LED flood light, the thinner cable is the power cable of the controller.

3)     The blue wire is Neutral wire, the brown wire is Live wire, the green/yellow wire is Earth wire.

4)     When installing the lights, to avoid leakage and short circuit, please use insulating tape to seal the cables and the place where the cables are connected.

5)     The input voltage is AC 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz, please do not exceed this voltage range.

6)     Make all the LED flood lights with the same mode and same speed, cut off the power, and then turn on them again, then all the LED flood lights will be sync.


2. Installation

ADS-F720-50W rgb led flood lights with remote control(图4)

ADS-F720-50W rgb led flood lights with remote control(图5)

1)   Install the LED flood lights to wall, ceiling or ground.

2)     Fix the screw to the wall, ceiling or ground.

3)     Connect the wires of the power supply and controller to electricity.

4)     Adjust the illuminance direction and use the screws to fix the angle.

Packing & Weight


G.W./KGPieces/ CartonN.W./KGCarton size/cm
14.6113.662.5* 52.5*16
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