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How to install the smart switch wiring diagram

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The wiring of the smart switch is actually divided into two aspects, which are divided into wire wiring and signal wire wiring, which are explained separately below:
1. Wire wiring

The wiring of the smart switch is actually the same as that of the ordinary switch, and at the same time it is a bit simpler than the ordinary switch. The specific wiring method is basically arranged by the electrician, and the specific details will not be explained in detail. Mainly there are some differences. The wiring of the traditional switch mainly takes into account that some lights need dual control, or even three control, so the wiring is more complicated. With the current smart switch wiring, there is no need to consider the issue of multiple controls at all, just connect the corresponding light wires to the corresponding switch bottom box. That is to say, complete the wiring according to the single control. Then, how to achieve the requirement of multi-control? This is the second part of the signal line to solve

2: Signal wiring

The current smart switch, intelligence is mainly reflected in the mutual control between the switch, the switch and the switch form a network, through the transmission of signal commands within the network, to achieve the purpose of intelligent control. For example, in the multi-control just now, the command is transmitted to the switch that is actually wired through the signal line, and the switch is commanded to turn the light on or off.

In order to form a network between the switch and the switch, it is necessary to connect all the switches with a signal line. The signal wire is a weak wire, which also requires operations such as slotting and routing, and the principle of weak current wiring must be followed. Taking the smart switch wiring of the most popular 485 communication protocol, the wiring is actually very simple, as long as the various switch bottom boxes are connected in series with the signal line, the connection method is very flexible.

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